Wesleyan Food For All Raises $2,000 to Support End Hunger Program

On the first week of December 2010, two Wesleyan University student groups, WesFresh and Housing and Hunger worked together to host a Food For All event to fund raise for End Hunger Connecticut organization. They invited local restaurants from Middletown, CT and student groups from campus to donate food. ( I donated some Thai garden salads). The students were charged six dollars, about 300 students came, and was able to fund raised over $2,000.

Food For All was inspired by Taste of the Nation which started in 1988 working to end children hunger in America. They pushed forward programs such as breakfast, after-school snack, community gardens in low income neighborhood, and bring affordable fresh produce to local corner stores.

Here are links for organization with similar goals. I hope you find a way to support. 

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