Mango Tree in the Process...

I have never blogged before.  Before this blog got started, my friend from Berkeley, Veronica helped me plan out the blog and taught me different blogging tools. That night I also cooked a wonderful dinner for us, my sister, and her buddy. I made broiled stuffed green Anaheim peppers with marinated ground chicken, Haw Mok shrimps, fried quail eggs, and (heavenly) sweet beef jerky (pictures go from left to right).

The stuffed chili dish took me a long time to make (about 30 minutes). I should have kept the Anaheim chili whole and then stuffed the chicken instead of cutting it in small chucks. I used ground chicken thigh because it gives stronger flavor and it has more moisture so that the chicken doesn’t dry out after grilling. I marinated the chicken with minced fresh cilantro, garlic, salt, and pepper.

For fried quail egg, much like most stir fry dishes in Thailand and China, I prefer to use high heat to get the bottom of the eggs golden and crispy quickly while the yoke uncooked. Before dinning, I lightly tossed some salt and pepper on top for flavor. Soy sauce would also give a nice taste.

The sweet beef jerky is best to prepare over night. I got the recipe from my favorite online Thai cooking website at, and I also found a another similar recipe at Chow!

In Thailand, you steam Haw Mok in banana leaf by making a little basket container for the dish. I find aluminum foil or metal baking pans to be a perfect substitute although it won’t give the same fragrance to the food. This time I used the recipe from The Original Thai Cookbook by Jennifer Brennan. I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone out there who is hungry for a real home cooked Thai meal. In this book, the author includes dishes that most Thai families would make at home and most of the time you cannot find them in the Thai restaurants here.

 After all the dishes were prepared, the kitchen was a mess. Veronica made an artistic move to capture some of the wonderful chaos.