Gazpacho, a raw vegetable soup with Creole tomato base!

I can’t believe I just discovered gazpacho, a soup made with a blend of raw vegetables. This dish is commonly served cold so it is perfect for a hot summer day! Gazpacho is renowned in Spain. I don’t enjoy eating salad, but I’ve been wanting to start eating more raw vegetables (I’m aware that salads can be tasty and people have become very creative, but I still can’t get my taste buds to love them yet!). I think gazpacho is appealing to me because I can add familiar flavors of Thai cuisine such as garlic, cilantro, basil, and lime juice.

After reviewing numerous recipes and talking to my friends, I learned that some of the main vegetables in this soup are cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers. A friend told me that you can make gazpacho whatever color you want based on on the colors of the vegetables you are using. I like mine red so I got some meaty Creole tomatoes from the farmers market (currently in season in Louisiana!) and red bell peppers. I like mine just a little spicy and very citrusy, so I threw in half of a jalapeño and juice of one and half limes for two cups of tomatoes purée. 

I won’t include a recipe here since it was my first time making the soup and I barely did anything creative to it. Check out recipes from the Food and Wine MagazineSpanish Home Cooking, and Alton Brown’s recipeIna Garten’s recipe from the Food Network. 

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