I would like to share pictures from the time my sister and I visited Thailand for the first time in 7 years after we left! The first picture is Khao Soi,or what some people would think of as “Chiang Mai style noodle soup.” But the dish actually has Burmese and Chinese influences. The soup (in the simplest way I can describe it) is fried egg noodles served in a base of coconut broth. There is a little side dish typically composed of pickled mustard greens, bean sprouts, shallot, chili, and lime for you to add as you like. I found Nat, who has a blog only for Khao Soi! I certainly can’t think of anyone else who has such an awesome obsession.

The pictures of the meatballs, fried quail eggs, hot dogs, and the bugs (I have no idea what kind) were taken at a temple festival near our home. Street vendors in Thailand often specialize only one or two dishes, and they are excellent at these. Food cart takes much less investment than a restaurant. I see those one or two dishes they pick out as secret recipes that must be guard. If you are interested in trying to recreate street food from Thailand, check out David Thomson’s new cookbook,Thai Street Food.

The last food picture is Tom Yum Goong, Num Took Nuer, and sticky rice. They were from my dad’s favorite vendor in Nonthaburi. These were the  final foods I ate before I left Thailand that evening :(